Terms & Condition

Clients must provide accurate booking information and payment details when reserving a taxi service. Payment may be required in advance or at the end of the service. Cancellation fees may apply for bookings cancelled within a certain timeframe.

The taxi service will pick up and drop off clients at the agreed-upon locations. Any changes to the pick-up or drop-off location must be communicated to the taxi service in advance and may incur additional fees.

The taxi service may set limits on the number of passengers and amount of luggage that can be transported in the vehicle. Children under a certain age may be required to use a car seat or booster seat.

The passengers have to pay other charges directly except the taxi charge like toll fee, parking charges, taxes, etc.

The taxi service is responsible for ensuring that its vehicles are in safe and roadworthy condition, and are regularly maintained and inspected. Any mechanical issues or breakdown will be addressed promptly by the taxi service.

The taxi service employs professional and courteous drivers who will operate the vehicle safely and in compliance with traffic laws and regulations. Drivers may refuse service to passengers who are deemed to be a safety risk or who exhibit abusive or threatening behavior.

The taxi service is not liable for any loss or damage to personal property left in the vehicle. Clients are responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle as a result of their actions. The taxi service may have liability insurance coverage in place to protect against accidents or incidents during the service.

In the event of any disputes or complaints, clients should contact the taxi service directly to attempt to resolve the issue. If a resolution cannot be reached, clients may have recourse to regulatory bodies or legal action.

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